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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween everyone!  My dad really wanted me to be a turtle for Halloween, but I wasn’t satisfied with just any old turtle outfit. I insisted that it come in a cape-like version so I could be… SUPER TURTLE!  You know, because they get to fly.  The flying may have had me spitting up a bit, but things like that happen when life gets exciting.


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Not all mysteriously appearing white stuff is good.  Mom says this version is called snow. It’s very pretty, and the dogs seem to love it, but it makes me cold and all the lights were off for hours and hours. That meant that the only thing working was the water, which meant that I was cruelly forced into taking a bath.  Mom seems to think I’ll like the snow someday.  For now, it’s nothing but trouble.


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So much to wear, so little time.  I have all these clothes and I can never decide what to put on.  I’ve grown a half inch in the last month so it’s getting tougher to straighten my legs all the way in those newborn clothes, but I don’t think I’ve gone through them all yet!  Talk about first world problems.   So Halloween is coming up and I have at least two costumes and I need your help figuring out which one I should wear.  Should I be a cute bug on a rug, or a turtle in a half shell?  I think I look pretty good in both so it’s a tough choice.  I’m going to have to ask the audience on this one.

Posing and Playing

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I like to try either a new pose or going to a new place every day.  Today I did both. I struck this pose, then I went to the playground with Oliver and Max.  It was really fun to see if I could get mom to carry me instead of pushing me in the stroller.  I’d do this thing where I’d get all calm and quiet and she’d stick me in the stroller, then I’d scream and scream and scream until she took me out.  I thought it was funny to watch her carry me and push an empty stroller.

I watched Oliver and Max play on the slides and then kick a soccer ball.  Oliver came over and told me about a Beatles shirt he has, but I guess it’s not bugs it’s people.  Oliver and his family are going to dinner tonight with people called Cam and Meg and he told me that he thinks they’re Beatles.  I’m still not quite clear on what these Beatles are, but dinner is always tasty.

Grandpa’s Pumpkin

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Hi I’m grandpa’s little pumpkin.  Also, Grandpa Rick made me the pumpkin in my lap.

Ina Punkin

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My Auntie Lu and Uncle brought me this pumpkin.  I’m pretty sure every gift I get is meant to either be worn or put in my mouth.  Since mom wouldn’t let me eat the candy inside I went with the wearing.  Also I think my mom has a thing with putting me in containers.  Sigh, I wonder what else I’ll fit into before I get to say no.

Meeting of the Lu’s

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Lookie it’s Lu times two!  Today I got to meet this wonderful, beautiful lady named Luella.  Turns out they knew what they were doing when they gave me her name. She’s one great lady.  She cuddled me so well and gave me so many kisses that it just wore me out, but she also brought lots of great presents.  Oh boy I can tell she and I are going to have lots of fun together.  Also she comes with this big cuddly man who reads me stories and takes me on fun walks.  They left but mom says we’ll see them again, I can’t wait!


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Today I got all dressed up.  In a dress…  for the first time.  I’m not really sure I’m a dress kind of girl.  It makes my legs cold. But it does let me make some really awesome super-woman poses.  I guess I got dressed up for pictures because no sooner was I shoved into a dress than I was plunked into a pile of leaves.  I get the feeling this is going to be a recurring theme… Mom doesn’t care where I go so long as it makes for a good picture. Hmmm I wonder if I can use that to my advantage later.

New Discoveries

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I really enjoy good craftsmanship.  Those homemade blankets I lay on are the best, so much more comfy than the store-bought ones.   Today though, I found this great new thing. It was hanging over my head and twirling and swinging and those crazy chicks were just floating there in the air.  I’m not sure why they didn’t fall on my head but I kept an eye on them just in case.  Anyway, I found out that someone actually made that for me.  Can you believe it?  Imagine the hours it must have taken to train those things to fly.

New Friends

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Sometimes it can be tough to keep everyone straight.  I have so many visitors and they all come and go so quickly.  There are these two boys though.  I like it when we see them.  Max and Oliver.  When I see Max he starts saying “baby, baby, baby.”  I wonder if those are the words to a song.  Even I know by now that my name is Sylvia.

Sometimes a girl has got to grunt.  You know, it just helps move things along down there.  So there I am grunting and Max starts to imitate me, except he’s not grunting, he’s making monster growls.  Clearly this kid needs to learn to listen better.  I was not growling like a monster.  Besides it’s not polite to bring attention to such things, they should just be politely ignored.

That Oliver boy.  He’s nice.  He really wants me to play games with him.  He suggested some easy games.  I couldn’t play any of his, but I did show him and Max how to play flavored kisses.  It goes like this: you get a kiss and then you say “thank you, thank you, thank you!  That tasted like ____.”  Then you tell them the tasty flavor that it had.  They were really good at that game and I got some double kisses in.  I’m making note of this kissing strategy for the future.