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Daily Archives: October 18, 2011

New Friends

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Sometimes it can be tough to keep everyone straight.  I have so many visitors and they all come and go so quickly.  There are these two boys though.  I like it when we see them.  Max and Oliver.  When I see Max he starts saying “baby, baby, baby.”  I wonder if those are the words to a song.  Even I know by now that my name is Sylvia.

Sometimes a girl has got to grunt.  You know, it just helps move things along down there.  So there I am grunting and Max starts to imitate me, except he’s not grunting, he’s making monster growls.  Clearly this kid needs to learn to listen better.  I was not growling like a monster.  Besides it’s not polite to bring attention to such things, they should just be politely ignored.

That Oliver boy.  He’s nice.  He really wants me to play games with him.  He suggested some easy games.  I couldn’t play any of his, but I did show him and Max how to play flavored kisses.  It goes like this: you get a kiss and then you say “thank you, thank you, thank you!  That tasted like ____.”  Then you tell them the tasty flavor that it had.  They were really good at that game and I got some double kisses in.  I’m making note of this kissing strategy for the future.