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Monthly Archives: November 2011

I’m a Pro

Mom had a call with her boss today and a meeting with someone she’s making a website for.  I am really good at business, pretty much a pro. I have the basics down anyway.  I know that it’s important to dress professionally, my duck outfit totally had that covered. I know that you should never sleep though a meeting, so I didn’t.  I know that it’s important to speak up when you have something to say, so I did.  Really I’m  not sure how mom got things done without me before.


My mom likes to take pictures.  I guess dad learned to be patient about it, but I don’t think it’s very fun.  Do you know how many days in a row mom made me pose here like this?!  Over and over again she put me face down in this position and waited for me to smile.  Well I don’t think I have to tell you what I think about that.  My face pretty much says it all.  I’ll be happy when the holidays are over and she stops putting me in front of every string of lights she sees.

Sometimes mom even pretends I’m smiling when I’m crying.


Kissed Up

I got sooo many good kisses this week at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Even the doggy wanted to give me kisses.  I got to hang out with my Grandpa Rick, Grandma Kim, my Dad and Mom and my great Aunt Max.  That makes for a lot of kisses.  Mom says it’s good because then someone else will hold me late in the night or early in the morning and she gets more sleep.  I get plenty of sleep so I don’t know what she’s complaining about.









There’s a game I like to play every time someone changes my diaper.  I make all these noises so they think I need a new one and when they take off my dirty diaper, that’s when it’s go time.  It works especially well if they’ve got one hand holding me up and another hand reaching for something else, because then I can really poop all over.  Mom thought she had me outsmarted by constructing a dam of the old diaper while she went for something else, but I showed her. It’s like I’m Shaq.  I pooped over the diaper onto the changing pad, on my clothes on my blanket on the new diaper so it couldn’t be used and then to really make it good I spit up and peed. Ha!  I win.   People keep trying different tricks, but I’m smart and wiggly and I’ve got good aim.

Quick Change

I’ve heard from some people that when they look at my pictures using internet explorer they show up all squished looking.  So I made a quick change to the look of my blog so people don’t worry and think I’m skinnier than I am.  Mom says it’s good to change up your look every once in awhile.  So I changed up my look in real life by trying on my Aunt Erin’s bow.

Straight to College

Yesterday I met a great great aunt and my grandpa’s cousin.  Tia Flora and Dale.  Tia Flora told me all kinds of good stories and she knows because she’s lived for almost 87 years, that’s a lot more than me.   One was about how her husband took his grandson to kindergarten one time even though he didn’t want to go.  When the grandson asked his grandpa if he liked going to kindergarten, he replied “No… but then I went straight to college.”  That’s my plan. If I don’t like kindergarten when I’m there I’ll just go straight to college like Tio Benny.  It was also good to see my Aunt Luella and Uncle Diego again, they brought me some pretty shoes that I wore with my Thanksgiving dress.

Thanks for Family

Whew, it’s been a busy few days.  I met my aunt Erin and my aunt Lauren (that’s aunt like ant).  They are so fun and nice to lay on.  I’m so glad they hold my bird mobile over my head for me so I can look at it.  Mom said they ate a bird yesterday, but I checked and all my birds are still on my mobile.  I don’t know what she was talking about.  I dressed up in my pretty dress and looked at Grandma Kim’s tree.  I really like to look at sparkly lights.  I also got to look at mom a little more than usual because everyone else was holding me so much.  She makes some pretty funny faces.

Here I am in my dress.

This is me with Aunt Lauren

Here I am looking at the tree lights.

Here is Grandma Kim laughing at me but I didn’t think it was funny.






I went to the airport for the first time. I get to do so many things for the first time, maybe it goes without saying. I liked looking at all the lights and people.  One man said that mom should have a video camera to record all the faces that people make at me when I’m hanging out on her shoulder because he found himself making goofy ones. Maybe someday I’ll hook up a hidden camera and do that. Mom said she has experience doing undercover video, so she can help. Overall the airport wasn’t too bad. Everyone watched me and dad while he walked in circles.  So far, it seems like the world is a pretty friendly place. Everyone smiles at me.



Today I showed my friends Oliver and Max the river.  They really liked it, but Oliver thought we were going to a lake.  We saw men people putting up sooo many Christmas lights.  I’m excited to go back and see it at night.  Mom says Great Grandma Roma would be appalled to know that we stopped and actually paid a quarter to feed the chickens. I’m not sure what appalled means, but I did learn that the thing on a chicken’s chin is called a wattle.

Dad Time

I don’t get to hang out with daddy as much as I’d like to. He leaves early in the morning when I’m still pretty sleepy and when he comes home it’s usually my screaming time. So we don’t really get to sit and have fun too much. That’s why it was extra nice this morning when dad let mom sleep in really late and he gave me bottles and showed me pictures and sang to me. I love my daddy.


Here I am laying on his back.