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Daily Archives: November 7, 2011

Crib Notes

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I got a brand new crib the other day.  I was going to borrow one from my friends who moved here from Arkansas, but the guys who took it apart there lost the bolts.  The people at this place where you get cribs, called Pottery Barn, said that they didn’t have any more bolts for that old crib so they sent a whole new one just for me!  I wonder why a barn that has pottery also has cribs.

I don’t sleep in my new crib much, but it does really complete the look of my nursery.  Sometimes I sleep in a bassinet in mom and dad’s room. Sometimes I sleep in mom’s arms, that’s the best. I can sleep for hours and hours there, but if you put me down in my crib I will probably only sleep for 10 minutes. Sometimes mom falls asleep in the night when she’s supposed to be burping me, so we end up sleeping in the rocking chair.  It’s really nice when mom holds me and we go someplace noisy. I like to be where the action is.