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Onts Ants and Presents

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Today I got a present

It is almost as big as I am.

It’s from my umm first cousin once removed, Claire and Great Aunt Julianne.  Mom and dad disagree about how to pronounce aunt.  Dad thinks it should be ont with a short o sound.  Mom thinks it should sound like the bug ant.  They compromised  so dad’s aunts are onts and mom’s aunts are ants.  I hope I can keep that all straight.

I’m pretty sure Aunt (ont) Julianne made this blanket just for me.  I especially liked how they coordinated the wrapping with the actual gift since both have elephants and giraffes.  That takes talent.


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  1. GrandpaAragon: It looks like she sleeps well on presents! Sylvie is like her Grandpa sleeping with his golf clubs 🙂

    Listen to Aunt pronounced here:

  2. Not sure if the package or the blanket was the biggest hit! Yes, was made just for you! Cousin Claire chose the fabric, Aunt Julianne did the cutting and we both tied your new blanket up with much love!

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