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Daily Archives: November 26, 2011

Quick Change

I’ve heard from some people that when they look at my pictures using internet explorer they show up all squished looking.  So I made a quick change to the look of my blog so people don’t worry and think I’m skinnier than I am.  Mom says it’s good to change up your look every once in awhile.  So I changed up my look in real life by trying on my Aunt Erin’s bow.

Straight to College

Yesterday I met a great great aunt and my grandpa’s cousin.  Tia Flora and Dale.  Tia Flora told me all kinds of good stories and she knows because she’s lived for almost 87 years, that’s a lot more than me.   One was about how her husband took his grandson to kindergarten one time even though he didn’t want to go.  When the grandson asked his grandpa if he liked going to kindergarten, he replied “No… but then I went straight to college.”  That’s my plan. If I don’t like kindergarten when I’m there I’ll just go straight to college like Tio Benny.  It was also good to see my Aunt Luella and Uncle Diego again, they brought me some pretty shoes that I wore with my Thanksgiving dress.