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Daily Archives: November 27, 2011


There’s a game I like to play every time someone changes my diaper.  I make all these noises so they think I need a new one and when they take off my dirty diaper, that’s when it’s go time.  It works especially well if they’ve got one hand holding me up and another hand reaching for something else, because then I can really poop all over.  Mom thought she had me outsmarted by constructing a dam of the old diaper while she went for something else, but I showed her. It’s like I’m Shaq.  I pooped over the diaper onto the changing pad, on my clothes on my blanket on the new diaper so it couldn’t be used and then to really make it good I spit up and peed. Ha!  I win.   People keep trying different tricks, but I’m smart and wiggly and I’ve got good aim.