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Monthly Archives: November 2011


I went to the airport for the first time. I get to do so many things for the first time, maybe it goes without saying. I liked looking at all the lights and people.  One man said that mom should have a video camera to record all the faces that people make at me when I’m hanging out on her shoulder because he found himself making goofy ones. Maybe someday I’ll hook up a hidden camera and do that. Mom said she has experience doing undercover video, so she can help. Overall the airport wasn’t too bad. Everyone watched me and dad while he walked in circles.  So far, it seems like the world is a pretty friendly place. Everyone smiles at me.



Today I showed my friends Oliver and Max the river.  They really liked it, but Oliver thought we were going to a lake.  We saw men people putting up sooo many Christmas lights.  I’m excited to go back and see it at night.  Mom says Great Grandma Roma would be appalled to know that we stopped and actually paid a quarter to feed the chickens. I’m not sure what appalled means, but I did learn that the thing on a chicken’s chin is called a wattle.

Dad Time

I don’t get to hang out with daddy as much as I’d like to. He leaves early in the morning when I’m still pretty sleepy and when he comes home it’s usually my screaming time. So we don’t really get to sit and have fun too much. That’s why it was extra nice this morning when dad let mom sleep in really late and he gave me bottles and showed me pictures and sang to me. I love my daddy.


Here I am laying on his back.

Checking Up

Mom took me to the doctor yesterday. It was a person in the office that I’d never met before, but she said she knew all about me. I guess I’m pretty famous around there because of my exciting start.

We learned that I’m doing a good job of growing. I weigh 10 pounds! Also mom wants me to stop screaming at her every night, so we’re going to see if a little heartburn medicine will make me feel better.

In case you can’t tell, this picture is me on the doctor’s table. I didn’t stay there long though. It was cold.

New Skills

Today mom is teaching me about procrastination. I wonder if my friend Oliver knows what that is. He’s very smart and he knows about static electricity. So mom said that if you have something like a final paper for school due, what you do is you think of all the other things you either have to or want to do. Things like checking Facebook or taking pictures or writing on your blog. I’m already very good at procrastination. If mom wants me to hurry up and do something I can usually find something else to do. Like if she wants me to hurry up and eat so we can take daddy to the bus then I can look at pictures or shadows or whatever else is around and not eat. I hope mom’s proud of what I’ve learned because she’s giving me very good examples of procrastination today. I got a bath and had pictures taken and lots of attention.

Milk Mustache – Movember

Sometimes milk comes out my nose, but that’s ok because it’s Movember and I totally support men’s health. especially since daddy is a man. So anyway, at least I can support the cause by sporting a milk mustache. Mom says I wouldn’t like it if I could grow a real one.


First Hike

We went on a hike with Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw who are visiting for a few days. Dad says Paw Paw is his dad.  So dad has a dad, that’s funny. We left the house a little late so it was pretty dark by the time we got back down again, but dad carried me the whole way so I was toasty warm. Plus dad walks real fast so we got home quicker than everyone else.