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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Gets Me Every Time

There was this this thing that mom was doing where she held a white thing over her face and made a really loud noise.  That noise made me jump every time.  I knew it was coming, but it’s like when you watch for toast to pop out of the toaster, you know it’s going to pop but it still makes you jump a little.  It’s been especially bad lately because mom says she had a cold. She’s better now, which makes me happy because that means she plays with me more and we can put up blog posts again.

I don’t really look this scared, just consider it a dramatization…

Is Santa a Stalker?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Christmas songs lately.  They play in the car on the radio and in the mall over the speakers.  One of  them that worries me a little goes “you better not pout, you better not cry…” and it says Santa sees you all the time and doesn’t like it if you do those things.  Well, except for this blog, I really have no other way of telling people what I want if I don’t cry.  I really hope he still comes.  Mom said that maybe if I left him a message, he’d understand even though I cry sometimes… OK I cry a lot sometimes.

There Are Others

Today I saw another baby.  She was older than me and bigger than me, but I didn’t know that there were other people out there almost as small as I am.  I really couldn’t believe it, so I just stared.  She only dropped by for a few minutes though, so I said goodbye, but it’s good to know there are other babies out there.  I’m thinking I should get a baby support group together, so we can talk about the mean things our parents do to us and how unfair they can be.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but some peer support would be nice.

A Day Trip

Ohh today was a very busy day.  We took at trip to Buena Vista Colorado.  These people who are friends with mom and dad had their distillery opening there today.  Since we were going there, I got to put a sticker on my shirt.

I was very good on the drive. I took a nap the whole time.  But I do know there was some good scenery out the window. If you look real close you can see my reflection in the window.

Once we got there, I learned about the whiskey and brandy distilling process.  The grain goes into the mashtun…

Then the mash goes into the still…

Then what comes out in the end looks like water, but mom said it tastes different.  We took a break from distilling to go explore Buena Vista

and I finally go to see Santa!  Mrs. Claus was there too.


Study Buddies

Dad is teaching me how to study. He stayed home today to work on his final paper and I helped. I learned that if you really want to do a good job you have to make a mess and spread things everywhere. I’ve pretty much got the hang of that. I might get a little better when I can move around more. He also showed me the study pose. You have to lean in real close to whatever you’re looking at. I’m pretty sure I have that perfected. I was studying the ducks that stare at me and I made sure to strike the study pose.




I saw dad’s work today and all the people he knows there.  He’s not really a clinical psychologist like the board in the picture says says. We did see some of the people who do experiments with babies.  Mom said I am still too little for experiments, but those people really liked me.  All this science stuff put me to sleep.

Later, mom tried to play the standing game again because she thinks it’s fun, but I don’t always like it.

All Dressed Up

My mom says there are people who are the boss of her.  I thought mom was the boss, but I guess she doesn’t make all the rules.  I wonder if that means I have to do what her boss says.  Who do I get to be the boss of?  So anyway, I got a nice present with some sparkly red tights in it from someone who used to be mom’s boss when she worked in New York City.  Mom said that this person’s favorite thing was to have Santas all over her house at Christmas time.  So I thought that I should dress up like Santa to say thanks.  We were driving behind Santa on the way home today. At least that’s what the license plate said, and who would go around with a license plate like that all year if it wasn’t true?

I got to see mom’s bosses again.  We dressed up for the fancy restaurant because it was a party.  Mom said I had to be good, so I did my best to just be seen and not heard.  I can be very charming if I feel like it.  The fancy restaurant was called Elway’s, you can see John Elway’s signature on the sign.


Getting Out

I don’t see much of the outside world.  There was one time where I got bundled up and went sledding and there was a hike and some trips from the house to the car or from the car to the store.  But usually my view is either covered up or full of sky.  Who would want to stay out there anyway? It’s cold! Well it has been cold outside for most of my life.  It was a little bit less cold than usual yesterday, so we went for a walk.  I got to see some trees and smell the outside air.  I hear that it changes and the trees get green leaves instead of the yellow ones I’ve seen, and that it can be warm outside like it is inside.  It’s pretty hard to imagine things that I’ve never seen before.  At least now I’ve seen a little more of the outside world.


Yesterday our house was very full of people and good smells.  There were 4 adults 3 kids 2 dogs and 8 kinds of holiday treats.  I didn’t get to help much, but dad took good care of me while mom baked.  I love it when daddy is around. Sometimes he even makes me forget to be hungry every hour or so, and sometimes I just can’t help but fall asleep on him, his arms are just so cozy.

Edit: Hannah pointed out that there were 6 adults not 4. Sorry, I’m still working on my counting skills.

little fingers helped clean the bowl…

My Hair

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Mom said she always knew I’d be born with a head full of dark hair. She was right. I’m no bald baby.  When people meet me, they don’t say “hello Sylvia” they say “oh my, look at that hair” as if I were a hair.

When it’s dry, my hair is dark, stick straight and very fine and I get some pretty good bedhead.  When it’s wet you can see curls, just like mom and dad have.  I wonder what my hair will be like when I grow up.

I already had my first haircut, let me tell you I do not recommend that place.  They shaved two patches on either side of my head so I look like an old man with a receding hairline.  If I want to hide it then I get the comb-over look.  I’m sure it was necessary for them to have a place to tape that needle in my head when I was born, but they sure weren’t conservative with the clippers.