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It’s a bird it’s a fish it’s a ?

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Today I had a taste of candy cane.  Max gave it to me, but I didn’t like it very much.  Mom says I don’t get candy again for a long long time.  Longer than my whole life even.

Sometimes I sit and wonder things, like what is this orange thing that flies over my head?  I know there are two owls and a hedgehog.  But every time I ask what the orange one is I get a different answer.  Some say bird because it has a beak, some say fish because it is orange.  Butt what kind of bird has three stalks with balls on them on its head?  How am I supposed to learn about animals when I’m not even sure what the ones I see everyday are?  Does anyone out there have an answer?


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  1. Sort-of-Aunt Sarah

    It’s a bish. Here, bishie, bishie, bishie…

    • So when Sylvia is in Kindergarten going through the alphabet and animals she will tell the teacher B is for Bish? She’s gonna get referred to a speech therapist.

      ETA Tell not Yell

      • Sort-of-Aunt Sarah

        Considering she’ll have to explain her communal living situation when she draws the extra adults at her house, the speech therapy will probably take a back seat.

  2. I vote bird given the general theme of the mobile. Hedgehogs have little use for fish.

  3. Man, how did I manage to spell my own name wrong? I’m calling it an iPad fail.

  4. It’s an anglerfish! See the picture of this lonely fish mi hita.

  5. There is no way it’s an angler fish, they’re too ugly.

  6. It’s an orange snipe! See, bobbly things


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