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Yesterday our house was very full of people and good smells.  There were 4 adults 3 kids 2 dogs and 8 kinds of holiday treats.  I didn’t get to help much, but dad took good care of me while mom baked.  I love it when daddy is around. Sometimes he even makes me forget to be hungry every hour or so, and sometimes I just can’t help but fall asleep on him, his arms are just so cozy.

Edit: Hannah pointed out that there were 6 adults not 4. Sorry, I’m still working on my counting skills.

little fingers helped clean the bowl…


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  1. 6 adults? Can’t sell the weekend short here you know! Also, the gevulde speculaas and candied walnuts are disappearing the fastest around here. I think that means it’s a tie. Sorry Sarah! The oreo balls are a close third!

  2. Sort-of-Aunt Sarah

    I think it just depends on the audience–the oreo balls and whoopie pies are long gone at our house, and coworkers had split opinions on the winner. Clearly, we made no duds!


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