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Daily Archives: December 17, 2011

A Day Trip

Ohh today was a very busy day.  We took at trip to Buena Vista Colorado.  These people who are friends with mom and dad had their distillery opening there today.  Since we were going there, I got to put a sticker on my shirt.

I was very good on the drive. I took a nap the whole time.  But I do know there was some good scenery out the window. If you look real close you can see my reflection in the window.

Once we got there, I learned about the whiskey and brandy distilling process.  The grain goes into the mashtun…

Then the mash goes into the still…

Then what comes out in the end looks like water, but mom said it tastes different.  We took a break from distilling to go explore Buena Vista

and I finally go to see Santa!  Mrs. Claus was there too.