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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Getting Out

I don’t see much of the outside world.  There was one time where I got bundled up and went sledding and there was a hike and some trips from the house to the car or from the car to the store.  But usually my view is either covered up or full of sky.  Who would want to stay out there anyway? It’s cold! Well it has been cold outside for most of my life.  It was a little bit less cold than usual yesterday, so we went for a walk.  I got to see some trees and smell the outside air.  I hear that it changes and the trees get green leaves instead of the yellow ones I’ve seen, and that it can be warm outside like it is inside.  It’s pretty hard to imagine things that I’ve never seen before.  At least now I’ve seen a little more of the outside world.



Yesterday our house was very full of people and good smells.  There were 4 adults 3 kids 2 dogs and 8 kinds of holiday treats.  I didn’t get to help much, but dad took good care of me while mom baked.  I love it when daddy is around. Sometimes he even makes me forget to be hungry every hour or so, and sometimes I just can’t help but fall asleep on him, his arms are just so cozy.

Edit: Hannah pointed out that there were 6 adults not 4. Sorry, I’m still working on my counting skills.

little fingers helped clean the bowl…

My Hair

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Mom said she always knew I’d be born with a head full of dark hair. She was right. I’m no bald baby.  When people meet me, they don’t say “hello Sylvia” they say “oh my, look at that hair” as if I were a hair.

When it’s dry, my hair is dark, stick straight and very fine and I get some pretty good bedhead.  When it’s wet you can see curls, just like mom and dad have.  I wonder what my hair will be like when I grow up.

I already had my first haircut, let me tell you I do not recommend that place.  They shaved two patches on either side of my head so I look like an old man with a receding hairline.  If I want to hide it then I get the comb-over look.  I’m sure it was necessary for them to have a place to tape that needle in my head when I was born, but they sure weren’t conservative with the clippers.

No Santa for Sylvie

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I almost saw Santa today. He was right there around the corner I could hear him and his jolly “ho ho ho,” but mom said no. She didn’t want to pay $20 for me to sit on his lap.  Instead she told me that there are polar bears who live in the north pole and she let me see how tall I am compared to one. I know I’m tall for my age, but I still wasn’t quite as tall as that bear.  Maybe someday when I grow that big I’ll get to see Santa, or at least an elf.

It’s a bird it’s a fish it’s a ?

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Today I had a taste of candy cane.  Max gave it to me, but I didn’t like it very much.  Mom says I don’t get candy again for a long long time.  Longer than my whole life even.

Sometimes I sit and wonder things, like what is this orange thing that flies over my head?  I know there are two owls and a hedgehog.  But every time I ask what the orange one is I get a different answer.  Some say bird because it has a beak, some say fish because it is orange.  Butt what kind of bird has three stalks with balls on them on its head?  How am I supposed to learn about animals when I’m not even sure what the ones I see everyday are?  Does anyone out there have an answer?

Can You Stand It?

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Oh, hi! Look! I know how to lock my legs so I can practically stand up on my own.  OK so I’m leaning on the crib and mom is holding my hand, but I’m getting less floppy.  Man it’s nice not to have my head jerk to the side if someone isn’t holding it.  I can almost hold it up myself all the time.  Oh yes, and thank you to Aunt Luella for the pretty dress I’m wearing.  I had to try it on since it’s going to be my pretty Christmas dress.


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Sometimes mom has to cover me up or face me over her shoulder so she and the people she’s trying to talk to can stop staring.  This morning we went to breakfast with some of mom and dad’s friends and when she put me on her shoulder, I just made friends with the rest of the people there.  I can even charm the gentlemen when I smile and stare. See how charming I am? Sorry the photo is blurry, blame it in mom.

Sylvie Says Hi Video

PS if you visit my friends’ blog you can see Oliver and Max learning about snowball fights.