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Daily Archives: January 7, 2012

More Relatives

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I got to meet even more relatives when we visited Grandma Susan in Iowa.  I am very good at flying in planes by now.  We get all sat down and I fall asleep and then we get off the plane again.  Sometimes I have to sit in my car seat for a long time after that, but I’m pretty good at watching my toys or taking naps to pass the time.  Anyway, I got to meet my dad’s brothers and sister.  Aunt Sara, Uncle Mark and Uncle Adam. I also got to meet Grandma Susan’s sisters Aunt Lois and Aunt Julianne.  They all gave me lots of presents for Christmas and they held me too, so I think they’re all good.  I especially liked looking at Uncle Adam, his fingers moved all around and it was really neat to look at.


Here’s me with Uncle Mark

Here’s me with Aunt Sara

Uncle Mark, Dad and Uncle Adam all together on one couch with me.

Aunt Julianne is holding me here.


And finally Aunt Lois, or I guess it’s Great Aunt Julianne and Great Aunt Lois.