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Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear, Cham Pie Gnon was a Mushroom

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I really like to play with my friend Oliver.  It’s so funny when he dances and uses his robot hand to “shoot fireworks of great joy.”  They do bring me great joy.  Let’s see, I haven’t been up to too much this week.  I still do tummy time and try to sit up in the bumbo (that green thing that I’m sitting in while wearing my hat in a previous post.)  Max and Oliver just wear it on their heads.  Oh!  I got a Christmas present named Cham Pie Gnon.  Mom says if you put it all together it’s Champignon which is french for mushroom.  It is a squeaky toy that is mushroom shaped, so that makes sense.  But the pronunciation doesn’t.  It’s not Cham – pig – non, it’s sham-pē’-ñōn.   Well like I said, it’s a squeaky toy, but that means that the doggies at my house think it’s their toy and when we’re at Hannah’s house, Max thinks it’s his toy.  Good thing mom taught me how to share.  Oh yeah, I also got a Christmas present from Oliver.  It’s a stuffed Eve robot from the movie Wall-E.  He wrapped it for me himself, he was going to give me something else but I don’t think his paper fit around it.  Anyway, I’m still not sure about toys.  Sometimes I like them… sometimes I don’t.


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