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Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

Kiss and Tell

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Did I tell you that Oliver and Max are my friends?  They are very good to me.  Sometimes it’s fun just to look at them, especially when they’re being robot/dinosaur/superheros.  Also, don’t tell mom, but I’ve been kissed… on the lips… by a boy… who’s not related to me.  Actually I’ve been kissed by more than one boy, more than one time.  Their mom finally had to put a limit on kisses.  So sometimes instead of kisses we’ll hold hands.  They’re also very helpful friends.  Oliver likes to help me sit up and Max likes to help me look at the elephants on the quilt Great Grandma Roma made me.

Good thing Hannah takes pictures of it all for us

P.S. today a window broke at Hannah’s house, but it wasn’t me. I swear it was the wind.