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Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear, Cham Pie Gnon was a Mushroom

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I really like to play with my friend Oliver.  It’s so funny when he dances and uses his robot hand to “shoot fireworks of great joy.”  They do bring me great joy.  Let’s see, I haven’t been up to too much this week.  I still do tummy time and try to sit up in the bumbo (that green thing that I’m sitting in while wearing my hat in a previous post.)  Max and Oliver just wear it on their heads.  Oh!  I got a Christmas present named Cham Pie Gnon.  Mom says if you put it all together it’s Champignon which is french for mushroom.  It is a squeaky toy that is mushroom shaped, so that makes sense.  But the pronunciation doesn’t.  It’s not Cham – pig – non, it’s sham-pē’-ñōn.   Well like I said, it’s a squeaky toy, but that means that the doggies at my house think it’s their toy and when we’re at Hannah’s house, Max thinks it’s his toy.  Good thing mom taught me how to share.  Oh yeah, I also got a Christmas present from Oliver.  It’s a stuffed Eve robot from the movie Wall-E.  He wrapped it for me himself, he was going to give me something else but I don’t think his paper fit around it.  Anyway, I’m still not sure about toys.  Sometimes I like them… sometimes I don’t.

New Routine

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During the week mom makes me get up really early.  For the first couple of days I decided to be nice and sleep for six hours at a time.  We’ll see if I feel like doing that all the time.  I do like it when I get to see people in the night.  Anyway, now we get up early in the morning and mom gives me to Hannah and Max and Oliver.  Mom’s not there to take pictures and play with me, but that’s ok because Hannah takes the pictures and Max and Oliver play, they’ll even do a song and dance for me.  Oliver asked if he could babysit me for 2 hours, but his mom said no.  I thought it would have been fun.  Sometimes he’ll jump up and down and make noises and I can’t help but laugh at him.  Max asks if we can play tummy time and Oliver says it’s his job to make me happy which of course means dressing up in hats.

Thank you Hannah for the pictures…



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I have never seen a flower growing out of the ground, but I have seen plenty of bare branches covered in snow.  It was nice the other day when it was 70 degrees out, I watched Oliver and Max play soccer. This weekend the light dusting of snow we were supposed to have turned into quite a bit more, so I had to go out and see it.

More Relatives

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I got to meet even more relatives when we visited Grandma Susan in Iowa.  I am very good at flying in planes by now.  We get all sat down and I fall asleep and then we get off the plane again.  Sometimes I have to sit in my car seat for a long time after that, but I’m pretty good at watching my toys or taking naps to pass the time.  Anyway, I got to meet my dad’s brothers and sister.  Aunt Sara, Uncle Mark and Uncle Adam. I also got to meet Grandma Susan’s sisters Aunt Lois and Aunt Julianne.  They all gave me lots of presents for Christmas and they held me too, so I think they’re all good.  I especially liked looking at Uncle Adam, his fingers moved all around and it was really neat to look at.


Here’s me with Uncle Mark

Here’s me with Aunt Sara

Uncle Mark, Dad and Uncle Adam all together on one couch with me.

Aunt Julianne is holding me here.


And finally Aunt Lois, or I guess it’s Great Aunt Julianne and Great Aunt Lois.

Where did she go?

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Today mom went away for a long time.  She’s gone away before, but those times it wasn’t for very long.  Today I looked for her, but I didn’t see her.  She left in the morning and gave me a kiss and told me to be good for daddy.  Mom says she’s going to be gone more now because she’s going back to work.  I like playing with daddy and Hannah and Max and Oliver, but I miss mom a little.  She says she misses me too.  Daddy and I sent mom a picture so she wouldn’t forget us.


Life Saver

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I’m pretty sure Aunt Lauren saved my life.  I was sitting in my car seat, riding back from a trip to the mall and Aunt Lauren was in the back with me, making sure I could see my monkey blanket.  Then, I felt it… A tickling feeling.  I felt it again and this time it went up my face and onto my forehead.  Yes, a black spider was on my face!  I couldn’t get my hands up to get it off because they still don’t always go where I want them to, so I cried out.  Aunt Lauren looked over to see what was wrong and told mom that I had a spider on my face.  She was very brave and used her bare hands to knock the spider off.  I’m not sure what would have happened if that spider had been given free range on my face, but I don’t think I would have liked it.


A Belated Christmas

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For Christmas Grandma Kim and Grandpa Rick came with Aunt Lauren and Erin.  I was glad they could come even though it snowed sooo much.  The snow was almost taller than me and I’m pretty tall.  I got a new toy train and a book and all kinds of nice things from lots of people.  I really liked all of it.  Mom must have been busy because I don’t think there are any pictures of us opening presents on Christmas, but I did get to take a nice nap in Grandma Kim’s arms.