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Monthly Archives: February 2012

A Haircut

It was Grandma Kim’s birthday, and you know what she asked for? She asked to come see me. So I got to see Grandpa and Grandma Aragon the weekend before last.  They played with me and sang songs while mom worked on her homework.  Then we all took a trip to get a haircut.  I got my hair trimmed for the first time and mom got a cut too. Now it won’t be getting in my eyes.

A Tutu for Sylvie Lu


Mama made me this tutu and hair thing.  I like to feel it.  I’m pretty good at making my hands go where I want now, so I like to feel everything I can, the soft rug, anyone’s hair, the doggie’s fur, the mail… if I can get my hands on it, I’ll try touching it.  So the tutu is pretty neat because it’s bright and it feels different than other things.  Mom says I have to watch what I grab and that doggie eyes don’t come out.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi everybody, I love you all very very much.  Some of you give me kisses, some of you make me smile, some of you feed me, some of you send me nice things and some of you love me lots and lots.  Mom says that’s what we’re celebrating on Valentine’s Day.  Thank you everybody for all the love and here is some back.

The Winner!

Daddy took me to see the doctor yesterday.  I said hi to the doctor and I showed her how I grab my feet and rock.  She said that is something big girls who are 6 months old usually do.  I showed her my strong arms and my strong legs and she said I looked very nice.  Since the only person that played my game is sort-of-aunt Sarah, she wins!  I will work on making her a Valentine this weekend.  She guessed that I was 26″ tall, I’m not that big yet, I’m only 25″ which means I’m only in the 70% group for height.

Weight: 13 lb 12.8 oz – 50%

Head 15 1/2″ – 10%

4 Months Old

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Hey, I’m a whole four months old now.  Well that really happened on the 1st, but I’m still four months old until next month.  I am learning so many things.  I figured out how to make my hands go forward and grab things if I want to put them in my mouth.  I found my feet and I can grab those dumb socks off faster than anyone can put them back on. I’m still working on sitting up, I can sit propped up pretty well, but if nobody is there to help out then I slowly fold in half.  I have to go to the doctor again on Friday, I hope they don’t give me more of those shots.  How tall do you think I am?  More than 2 feet maybe?  How about I’ll make a Valentine for whoever guesses and gets it right.

Here’s a picture of me on the day I turned 4 months, I wasn’t really too happy about having my picture taken AGAIN, I was much happier when mom took the video.

Quick Pic

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Did you miss me?  Don’t worry, Hannah is still taking my picture even if mom is being so slow about posting them.  See, I’m still here, also I have these feet!