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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Big Girl Toys

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Pretty much every Saturday morning Mom dresses me, or makes me take my clothes off and brings over this big black shiny toy that she won’t let me play with.  She kind of hides behind it and then calls my name like she wants to play.  So I try to play with her toy and she says no.  She’s not very good at sharing.



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You know I don’t really remember much yet.  At least I don’t know it if I do remember.  Maybe certain places and faces that I see seem familiar, but I probably couldn’t tell you the names of these people and places.  That’s why I just have to smile at everyone I see and be happy with wherever I am.  I don’t know if I’ll see them again, or if I do, I probably won’t realize that I saw them before.  I wouldn’t want to have to see someone again who I didn’t smile at the first time.  Mom helps though, she says I saw Great Grandpa Jim and Great Grandma Roma before when I was just a baby back in November.  I do think I remember Grandma Kim and Grandpa Rick a little, at least they seemed extra funny and mom says I know them too.  I got to see them all this weekend when we went to a whole other state.  Idaho was very nice and so was playing with Great Grandpa Jim and everyone else.



Four generations of ladies…



5 Out of 6 Ain’t Bad

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I’ve flown on airplanes 6 times now. When we go on the plane I’m supposed to be on my best behavior because if I’m not, everyone can hear but they can’t get away. I tried my best, but the last time we were on the way home from seeing Great Grandpa Jim and Great Grandma Roma and I was so tired and the ride was so bumpy that I couldn’t sleep so I was sad. When I’m sad I have to tell mom so she can fix it. If the whole plane overhears I’m sorry.  At least I didn’t cry all the way there.  I guess I should have said to start with that we went to Boise Idaho for the weekend, but I’ll tell you more about that some other time.

Watching the pinwheel fly…


Here Comes the Sun

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Did you know that babies aren’t supposed to wear sunscreen?  That means I have to hide from the sun in other ways so I don’t get burned while I’m out watching Oliver and Max ride bikes.  It’s kind of a glamorous look, don’t you think?


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So far, the only weather I’ve seen has been cold and snowy and windy. Last week, when it turned warm outside like it is inside, I really liked it.  Mom even took me out last weekend so I could find out about grass.  When you  sit on it, it’s sort of like carpet, but pokier and crunchier.  When you pull it, pieces come off, but it doesn’t taste very good.


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You know how my super-power is the pterodactyl screech?  Well if you don’t know that, then you do now. You can hear it in this video.  Be careful not to have your sound too loud because my powers might hurt your ears. Also, this is pronounced Terr-o-dact-ill.  You might think it’s Pah-ter-o-dac-tile but that’s not how you say it. The Pterodactyl screech comes out when things are really funny.

5 Months Old

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Hey guess what! I just keep getting older.  I turned 5 months old so I’m getting closer and closer to my half birthday.  Mom says that’s pretty close to her and daddy’s  birthdays.  I think if I got to choose a birthday present for my half birthday it would be to have a bigger mouth.  There are just so many things in this world that I would really like to get in there and it’s tough sometimes because my mouth is so small.  This weekend it was nice outside so I supervised sort-of-uncle Corey while he helped put our fence back up because it blew down in the wind.  I also played with daddy.