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You know I don’t really remember much yet.  At least I don’t know it if I do remember.  Maybe certain places and faces that I see seem familiar, but I probably couldn’t tell you the names of these people and places.  That’s why I just have to smile at everyone I see and be happy with wherever I am.  I don’t know if I’ll see them again, or if I do, I probably won’t realize that I saw them before.  I wouldn’t want to have to see someone again who I didn’t smile at the first time.  Mom helps though, she says I saw Great Grandpa Jim and Great Grandma Roma before when I was just a baby back in November.  I do think I remember Grandma Kim and Grandpa Rick a little, at least they seemed extra funny and mom says I know them too.  I got to see them all this weekend when we went to a whole other state.  Idaho was very nice and so was playing with Great Grandpa Jim and everyone else.



Four generations of ladies…



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  1. Grandpa Aragon

    You make everyone smile 🙂

  2. Sort-of-aunt Sarah

    I love that first photo. Sylvia’s mama is so talented!

  3. Wow, how wonderful for you all to be together, four generations!


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