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Sassy Birds Aren’t Tasty Birds

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I still really like my birds.  They’re one of the first things I ever noticed about the world. I still keep an eye on them though.  You never know, they might bop you in the head if you don’t watch.  I think they must be trying to sass me because I’m always telling them things and laughing at them.  If they sass me though, I grab them and pull on them and stick ’em in my mouth.  I don’t eat them though because they taste yucky. Blech!


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  1. That’s some good hair 😀

  2. That first photo is awesome! Sassy birds!

  3. Sylvia, you just keep on thinking about birds. They just aren’t fun. Any time you need a BIRD STORY I have one. Lovr you G Grandma Roma


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