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What Came First – Chickens, Eggs, or Bunnies?

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It snowed today, but Mom says it will get warm again and that we have to practice for this weekend.  There is going to be an Easter Egg hunt in the park on Saturday and I’m going with my friends to go find eggs.  I’m not sure why you have to find eggs, or what you do with them once you find them.  But I do know you have to look high and low and in all the sneakiest places you can think of where an egg might hide.  Last weekend it was nice and warm, so we went outside to practice.  I think I did a pretty good job watching out for those eggs.

I thought eggs were supposed to be white and they came from chickens.  I saw chickens once before. I am very confused because now eggs are colored and they come from rabbits.  Do the colors make them taste better? I see bunnies in the front yard sometimes, but I’ve never seen colored eggs.  I guess mom was right, the eggs really are sneaky about where they hide.



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  1. GrandpaAragon

    Look down Sylvie! You can do it!


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