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Daily Archives: April 29, 2012

Make a Stand

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I like standing.  I have ever since I was little.  Usually someone has to hold my hands, but lately I kind of like to stand without someone holding on.  Mom says I have to remember to hold on to something or I’ll fall down.  It’s tough to remember to hang on when you see something you want to grab though.  Besides, I see other people standing without holding on.  Mom mentioned some saying about having to crawl before you can walk, but I’m not so sure about that.  I’ve been trying out the hands and knees position, but it’s not nearly as fun as standing.  I still need help to stand though, that’s one drawback, but if someone conveniently sits me on their lap next to something I can grab, I can almost get up on my own.  Soon I won’t have to stay where I’m put and I can go after those bright things and the doggies.