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Monthly Archives: April 2012


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It’s spring!  That means that there are pretty flowers in the trees, the grass is getting green and mom takes me outside to fly.  Or sit in the grass.  But it is very pretty out.  The only thing missing is Dad.  He’s away in Chicago doing presentations and work things.  But mom and I miss him, especially in the morning when mom is grumpy and I just want to play.



Half Birthday – 6 Months

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  I’m 6 months old today, or 1/2.  I was so busy celebrating Daddy’s birthday on Monday (he’s 30 and that’s REALLY old) and mom’s birthday on Friday, that me turning 1/2 almost went by without mention.  I like that my half birthday is almost the same as mom and dad’s birthday.  It’s a whole birthday week!  Here’s a picture of me, with my boppy pillow so you can compare what I look like every month and see how much I grow.  I like to eat my toes, but socks get in the way, which is why I have to take them off every time they get put on my feet.

I am going to go see the doctor with Daddy on Friday, so if you want, you can guess how tall I am or at least what percentile my height will be.  Let’s see.  I think I will send a card or something nice to people who guess and get close.

Sassy Birds Aren’t Tasty Birds

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I still really like my birds.  They’re one of the first things I ever noticed about the world. I still keep an eye on them though.  You never know, they might bop you in the head if you don’t watch.  I think they must be trying to sass me because I’m always telling them things and laughing at them.  If they sass me though, I grab them and pull on them and stick ’em in my mouth.  I don’t eat them though because they taste yucky. Blech!