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Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

Hey, Pick Me Up!

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I like to sleep.  I also like to wake up.  I think arms have magic sleeping powder in them.  When I’m laying in someone’s arms it’s much easier to fall asleep, and if I wake up a little, those warm arms pull my eyes shut again.  At home now, I don’t get to fall asleep in comfy arms anymore. I have to go to sleep in my crib.  I tell mom and dad that I don’t want to, but they just shush me no matter how loudly and clearly I ask them to pick me up.  I think they just don’t listen, so I still try to tell them to pick me up, but it gets tiring pretty quickly. I figure short reminders work about as well as 30 minute long reminders.  I still remind them pretty often at night that I like to be held.  Sometimes I get a faster pick-up response time if I smile instead of loudly telling them. I’ll get them trained to do exactly what I want soon.  They’re just not quite as fast at learning as I want them to be.