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Daily Archives: May 13, 2012

Love to all my moms

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On Mother’s Day you say thanks to all the people who take care of you like a mom does.  So I picked this flower for all my moms.  That means mom who feeds me and wakes up at night and loves me lots, and mom Hannah who takes care of me and listens to my screams and laughs all day every week day, and mom Sarah who takes care of me if dad and mom are busy, and Grand mom Kim who cuddles me and loves me whenever she can and Grand mom Susan who sends me books I like and loves me bunches, and maw-maw T and all the other Great Grand Moms I have.  There are too many for me to count.  Especially since I can’t really count yet.  I love my mom and I show her every day, because I always get excited when she comes in the door, around the corner or even if she just turns around.  Mom says it’s important to be happy for every single little moment you have with people you love and to always let them know how much you love them.  So I’m sending out lots of love to everyone.