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Daily Archives: May 16, 2012

Why’d They Do It?

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I know some things are bigger than me.  Things like big people.  But someday I will be big like them and I will need other big things.  But I saw this giant balloon today and I just couldn’t figure it out.  Why on earth would they make a balloon that is almost as big as the earth?  It’s bigger than I am. Who needs a balloon that’s bigger than a baby? I totally agree that they should make lots of long ribbons.  Those are good to play with.  But I can’t play with a balloon that big.  I can barely get close enough to lick it.  I licked the other balloons and they didn’t taste good.  I have no idea how this one tastes.  Maybe I’ll ask Max and Oliver about it.  They seem to really like the big balloon and they were so so sad when it popped they had to get hugs from their mom and even after that they were sad.