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Do you know what is really funny? Whoopie cushions! It sounds like someone farted and it really makes me laugh. Happy Friday!


Also, I’ve been learning this new crawling thing.  I’ve got about 3/4 of it figured out.

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  1. Grandma Aragon

    What, a post with no picture!!! I’ve got to see how funny whoopie cushions really are.

  2. I’ll try to post my video later tonight. Or just send it to Adrienne.

  3. My smart phone wasn’t quite smart enough to do what I told it. I added the video that was supposed to go along originally, plus bonus footage of her latest trick.

  4. I did get to see the video. Sylvia is trying a new technique for crawling and I love her laugh

  5. Grandpa Aragon

    Sylvi has her Grandpa’s humor.


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