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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Torture Devices

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I saw Grandma Kim this weekend and she brought me a swimsuit that Great Aunt Luella bought for me. It’s kind of like my carseat, it’s tight and I have to get shoved into it with straps and everything, which I don’t really like. Then I forget that I don’t like it when I find a window to look out.


What I did on Father’s Day

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Mom forgot to do an 8 month old post for me so I could show people things like my two teeth. I tried to tell her, but she just kept saying she was busy. At least she remembered to help me tell dad happy Father’s Day. For Father’s day we went outside in a very hot place called boulder and watched people talk and walk and dance.  Dad even danced with me. One lady was all dressed in a long white dress like Aunt Lauren was when all the people watched me.  But this time, even though there was dancing I got a little bored because the people weren’t all paying attention to me.


Star of the Show

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Last weekend we went a long long way.  I had to stay in my car seat for a whole night.  When I woke up, we were at Grandma Kim’s house . The good thing was that everyone there wanted to play with me.  One time I got all dressed up and Great Uncle Diego pulled me in my wagon.   A whole bunch of people watched and I looked at them all and smiled.  I like it when everyone pays attention to me. They even clapped when Uncle Diego threw some of the flowers petals in my wagon in the air.  It was fun to be the star of the show.  Mom said some funny words, something like, humble and modest and something about it being Aunt Lauren’s special day.  I thought maybe she was just mumbling or making up silly things, so I laughed.  I don’t know what they mean if they are real words.

Great Great Aunt Max helped me play with my book.

Born Under a Beer Fest Moon

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Sort of Aunt Sarah says I’m special.  She was at the Great American Beer Fest when I was born.  When they dimmed the lights for last call and everyone cheered and toasted it was because that was the precise moment when I was born.  I’m not sure how they all knew, but it was nice of them to celebrate my arrival.  This weekend, mom and dad and sort of aunt Sarah all went to a Sour Beer Fest, and I went with them.  Sour beer is not bad, like sour milk.  It’s good like sour gummy worms.  I said hi to all the people and mom and I wore our brewery shirts.  I really really like to watch people.  So much, that it pretty much makes me speechless.

Top 5 Vegas Trip Tips – From a Baby

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Daddy went to Las Vegas last weekend and I missed him.  So, I sent him some pictures of me so he would remember what I looked like. I also wanted to be sure he was a good boy while he was gone so I gave him some tips on what to do while he was there.  Some people who are on Facebook saw these already, but if you didn’t I wanted to share.  In case you ever thought poles looked tasty.  Trust me, they’re not.