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Born Under a Beer Fest Moon

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Sort of Aunt Sarah says I’m special.  She was at the Great American Beer Fest when I was born.  When they dimmed the lights for last call and everyone cheered and toasted it was because that was the precise moment when I was born.  I’m not sure how they all knew, but it was nice of them to celebrate my arrival.  This weekend, mom and dad and sort of aunt Sarah all went to a Sour Beer Fest, and I went with them.  Sour beer is not bad, like sour milk.  It’s good like sour gummy worms.  I said hi to all the people and mom and I wore our brewery shirts.  I really really like to watch people.  So much, that it pretty much makes me speechless.


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  1. Sort-of-aunt Sarah

    You ARE special, Sylvie! And I will be telling that story well into your high school and college years and you will roll your eyes at me and say, “Not again…”

  2. Sylvia was only the second youngest person there! She tried to make friends, but the other 2-month old basically slept the whoooole time.


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