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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Eating Stuff

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I like eating stuff. Well sort of. When mom puts food in my mouth I have to suck my face all in to really test the flavor. Mom says if I like something I shouldn’t make faces, but I told her I make the same face if I like it or not, so it’s not really making faces, it’s just how I eat. I especially like finding treats on the ground, cracker crumbs, blue chalk… If you look hard at this picture of me, you’ll see blue chalk on my face. Ha ha sometimes I trick Oliver and Max. Oliver thought max lost his lego man’s head but really, I was hiding it in my belly for a little while. I was sorry after because when mom found it she said we couldn’t give it back.


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There are two doggies at my house.  One has a funny tail and the other one just has a short tail that I like to catch.  I used to think there was only one dog at my house because they are both brown and they look the same.   I like to watch them and pet them and test to see which parts are attached to them.   Daddy really likes to go look at other animals at the zoo, so I went with him last weekend.  At the zoo I saw other kids and my stroller and these things you could spin and water and I took a nap.  I think there were some animals there too, but they were far away and not as funny as doggies.  When we were home though, dad’s friend brought over another doggy and that was fun.  It seemed too small to be a real doggy.

Buried Treasure

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Did you know that if you look at the ground, there are tiny little pieces of things there? I find treasures almost every time I sit down.  There are some really good ones when I go outside because there are cracks where the good stuff all gets together.  You have to really work at it, to get the treasures out of the cracks, but it’s worth it.  You never know what you’ll find.  I’ve found things like sticks, the doggies at my house like to eat them, so I tried it too. They were ok, but mom took it away too fast for me to really tell.  I’ve also found rocks.  Rocks make a pretty good thing to scrape my teeth on, but mom must like those too because she always asks me to give the ones I find to her.  At least she says thank you when I hand them to her.

Late Nights

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If you stay up late, like all the way to 8:00 and wake up early, not even superhero action can keep you awake through breakfast. Just a little life advice for my fans.

Thinking About Birthdays

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We lit a candle and sang happy birthday to my Great Aunt Luella today.  It was a special kind of candle that sparkled and mom let me watch but not blow it out.  I have been thinking about my birthday because Great Uncle Diego taught me that you have to have a birthday month, not just one day.  So I have to start planning now.  I think I would like to wear a top with lots of ruffles, or maybe it should be a dress.  I found one on the internet that says how to make it. Just click here to see what I mean.  I included a picture of it too.  I look best in dark purple, so if anyone who knows how to sew wants to make it for me, I will let them.  I’m not big enough to reach the pedals on the sewing machine yet, so I can’t do it myself.

Happy 4th of July!

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I have my red star boots on because today is the first day of Oliver’s dad’s 5 day weekend.  I think that’s what it is.  When I went to the library with Hannah and the boys yesterday, the lady reading the story asked if anyone knew what tomorrow was, and that’s what his answer was.  Mom also told me happy 4th of July today, so maybe stars are good for that too.  It is nice to have mom and dad around today, dad took me to a barbeque and mom stayed home to do school stuff.  She’s not very much fun because she does school stuff all the time lately.  I hope I’m not that boring when I go to school.  Happy 4th of July!


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Dad used to put me in the corner when I still used the baby carseat.  Sometimes he’d just leave me there in the corner while he got something out of the kitchen.  Now he puts me in a box when he wants me to stay somewhere.  At least it’s a special box just for me.  Mom says when I get old I will have lots of things to complain to the sigh kiatrist about.

9 Months

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Today I am 9 months old.  Mom says that’s just three months away from a whole year.  I think a month is like when you go some place new.   If that is not what a month is, then I’m not sure.  Maybe when you go enough places then you get a whole year, which is like a new hole in your ear.  I think mom has a couple of those.

I can do some good stuff now. I can pull up on things so I’m standing and I’m also getting good at making people do what I want. If I want to make people smile I can, and if I want to make them come get me, I know how.  I can even make them look down or dance or clap, whenever I feel like it.  When I wave my arm at people they smile. When I want them to say boo, then I put a thing on my head and take it off again.

I am learning more tricks all the time.  I just have to figure out how to get up those stairs and I can pretty much get anywhere I want to go.