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Dad used to put me in the corner when I still used the baby carseat.  Sometimes he’d just leave me there in the corner while he got something out of the kitchen.  Now he puts me in a box when he wants me to stay somewhere.  At least it’s a special box just for me.  Mom says when I get old I will have lots of things to complain to the sigh kiatrist about.

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  1. Sort-of-Aunt Sarah

    Cardboard boxes are really the best toys anyway.

  2. GrandpaAragon

    All right…. Safety minute for Sylvie’s sake or face. She stands up in the box, holds on to the edge, box tips over with her and ouchy face plant. Both Grandma Aragon and I remember this. So Sylvi don’t stand in the box!

    • No Sylvie’s in the box have been or will be left unattended. No children were harmed in the making of this blog. Some reenactments may be performed for dramatic effect.

  3. How cute! However I think she needs a larger box so she can’t tip it over. When my kiddos were little they had more fun with the box gifts came in than the actual gift.

  4. I love that the box says shenanigans. That makes it way more awesome.

  5. I agree – and she’s cute enough to get away with many shenanigans!

  6. Auntie Lauren

    I think she looks a lot like Scitt in this picture. I couldn’t show this post to Jason because he would get baby sitting ideas.


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