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Daily Archives: July 4, 2012

Thinking About Birthdays

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We lit a candle and sang happy birthday to my Great Aunt Luella today.  It was a special kind of candle that sparkled and mom let me watch but not blow it out.  I have been thinking about my birthday because Great Uncle Diego taught me that you have to have a birthday month, not just one day.  So I have to start planning now.  I think I would like to wear a top with lots of ruffles, or maybe it should be a dress.  I found one on the internet that says how to make it. Just click here to see what I mean.  I included a picture of it too.  I look best in dark purple, so if anyone who knows how to sew wants to make it for me, I will let them.  I’m not big enough to reach the pedals on the sewing machine yet, so I can’t do it myself.

Happy 4th of July!

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I have my red star boots on because today is the first day of Oliver’s dad’s 5 day weekend.  I think that’s what it is.  When I went to the library with Hannah and the boys yesterday, the lady reading the story asked if anyone knew what tomorrow was, and that’s what his answer was.  Mom also told me happy 4th of July today, so maybe stars are good for that too.  It is nice to have mom and dad around today, dad took me to a barbeque and mom stayed home to do school stuff.  She’s not very much fun because she does school stuff all the time lately.  I hope I’m not that boring when I go to school.  Happy 4th of July!