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Guerrilla Warfare

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This is it folks, this is war.  Mom and Dad and Hannah are all against me. I’ve only got Max and Oliver and Jackson and Jenny on my side.  They said, Sylvia why don’t you go lay in your crib and go to sleep? I said NO! I won’t do it!  The first night mom and I battled I managed to keep telling her no for 3 hours.  By then she wanted to go to bed.  So I got quiet… hahahaha and just when I made her think she’d won, I couldn’t help myself.  I had to laugh because I knew I had won that battle.   The dogs (Jackson and Jenny) try to help me as much as they can.  When I’m sitting up, even though they can’t come downstairs and help, they run back and forth above me making enough noise that I know they agree, I should never sleep again.  Oliver and Max help when they can too by playing and being loud enough to help me stay awake through every nap.  Mom said I could sleep through these things, but I don’t want to sleep.  I know they’re all playing and doing fun things without me, if they’re not standing next to my crib.  Don’t worry. I will keep fighting.  They will not win!

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  1. Sylvia! You dressed up like your aunties when they couldn’t sleep before their race. Sleep is good! it lets your Mama grow up big and strong.

  2. Sort-of-Aunt Sarah

    This is probably my favorite post yet.

  3. I think I love this post…mostly because the photo is priceless! Such grim determination on her face!


    I Love your shirt Sylvi! Camo and the words, Wild me on it, with a touch a soft lace around the neck, Perfect!

  5. Sorry Sylvia I’m on the winning side. Everyone needs some rest after a day of hard work.

    Love you G’ma

  6. Hang in the Adrienne! You shall prevail! Sylvia, to maintain your beautiful smile you must get your rest. Sigh, I remember those days and honestly, I don’t miss them.


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