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The garden in my front yard is very pretty.  There are flowers and green things and rocks in it.  I work hard to help sort-of-uncle Corey keep it pretty.  I check on the green things to be sure they’re still green, if they look like they need fixed then I yell at Corey so he knows to fix them.  I help him put the rocks in new places so they don’t get tired of being in the same place all the time and I help pick the flowers to be sure they taste good. It’s a lot of work, but I see the bunnies come in the morning so that must mean we’re doing a good job.

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  1. I didn’t see anyone helping you stand. Does that mean you are walking? How about the grass on your bare feet?
    Love you pretty girl, GGrandma Roma

  2. She can stand! She can even walk 1-3 steps, but then she’ll usually decide crawling is faster.

    I love the open-mouthed yelling photos. So fun!

  3. I love these! Shared them with the team here at the Lab. We can’t believe she is walking and trying to talk too! So cute and fun. Hugs to all of you.

  4. Hehe, my favorite is the one where she is yelling at the camera while using the rock to stand up with one hand. You can kinda see a little bit of attitude there. Funny girl. I’m sure Corey appreciates the help!

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