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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Button Pushing

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Evryone should vote! It’s very good and very fun. I went with Hannah when she voted and I saw that you get to push buttons! She told me I couldn’t push any, but I know it’s fun to push buttons.

Yard Work

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You know gardening isn’t the only yard work that has to happen around our house.  Now that it’s fall I’m pretty busy helping Almost-Uncle Corey keeping things looking good.  I mow the lawn…

I check the walls for cracks…

I yell to be sure I scare any neighborhood bears away…

I inspect the bridges to be sure they’re safe…

I show Mom where all the leaves are…

I rake up all the leaves…

I make sure the leaves are happy by playing with them…

And I make sure to take cover when the leaves play back.

Fall is pretty busy around here.

My 1st Birthday

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On my birthday, mom put a hat on my head. I thought people were supposed to be nice to you on your birthday, but she was being so mean!  She did let me eat a cupcake at Hannah’s house to make up for it.  She must have felt really bad about trying to make me wear a hat because she also threw a party for me and a whole bunch of people came and everyone looked at me and clapped!  That is my favorite thing.  I remember at Aunt Lauren’s wedding when that happened I liked it a lot.  But now I know how to clap too, so it’s even more fun.  Do they have jobs where you get clapped at? That’s what I want to be when I grow up.

At my party, there were balloons and I had so much fun playing with them.  There were also grandmas and I had so much playing with them. There was one grandpa, he’s always fun, but then I was a little confused about the rest of the people.  I think they were all named aunt or uncle.  Great Aunts, Great Great Aunts, Sort of Aunts and Almost Uncles.  I don’t know what that means, but if I just learn to say Auntie, I should be able to get what I need.

Thank you everyone for all the very nice presents.  Some of my favorite things were some pans that Hannah, Ryan, Max and Oliver gave me and a jack-in-the-box monkey guy who hides and then pops out at you. Maw Maw T, I liked the birthday outfit you made for me sooo much. Especially the ribbon sleeves.  So much that I decided to take the ribbons off so I could play with them better.  That’s why I am not wearing my pretty outfit you made in the pictures.

Sort-of-Aunt Sarah made me a very pretty cake, it even matched the decorations.  She showed it to me and said I could smash it, but I did not want to mess up all her hard work, so I just handed mom the berries off the top then waited for her to cut me a piece.  I also had a nice bib Grandma Kim made me so I had to be careful to just take small bites.

After the party, Grandma Susan stayed to play with me for a long time.  I liked that a lot.  I didn’t have to share my toys with Max for a whole week.

Thanks everybody for coming and clapping at me.  If you want to come do it again some time you can.




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