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Monthly Archives: November 2012



Peas are better than pasta but just as good as chicken. Also they’re more fun to stir with a spoon. Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all having tasty food.

Buckets of Halloween

Oliver told me ‘Happy Halloween week!’ the other day.  That means you get to have people put things in your bucket.  Now that I’m bigger I know that you don’t go in your bucket like I used to think.  Now I pick up the pumpkin bucket and put the strap on my arm, like I see mom do with her purse.  Then you take things out of your bucket and put them in again.  It’s a really fun game.  I went with Oliver and Max (see their version on their blog) to collect things at the zoo and to Oliver’s school and to the houses around us so we could all have things to put in our buckets.  The boys let me borrow their costumes and showed me how to roar like a panda bear and waddle like a penguin.  I did a good job.

Thanks to Hannah for most of these pictures!