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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Waiting for Christmas

I’m not allowed to open my presents before Christmas and I’m really not supposed to touch all the ornaments.  It is so hard for me to be good and wait though. We’re at Grandma Kim and Grandpa Rick’s house and it’s decorated so pretty. I just want to touch it all!  Mom let me use the stool she’s had since she was a little girl. If I just sit and look, it’s not as hard not to touch all the pretty balls.  I’m not sure if Christmas will ever come.



Red Rocks

Grandpa Brian and Maw Maw T came to see me.  Whenever anyone comes to see me we go walk around the place with big red rocks.  I’m starting to think that people come to see the red rocks instead of me.  I do like to point out the good ones to mom and try to go climb them.  She says the signs say there’s a fine for climbing the rocks so I can’t, but I think I could convince dad to let me while she’s not looking.

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Who are Jo and Loy?

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I’ve been to the airport a lot.  So I know that when you are waiting for someone, sometimes you hold up a sign with their name so they can find you.  We weren’t at the airport, but mom made us hold up people’s names.  I don’t think I know anybody named Jo or Loy though and they never came.  I wonder who they are.  We dressed up all nice just for them.  Also, if you ask me what my least favorite letter is, I would tell you it’s an O, as in Oy.  O’s just make me want to throw them!

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So this one time I went with Max and Oliver to a place where you inspect plants.  We sat on some hay to make sure it was good while we ate some food.  Then, we went over to some plants that seemed like they weren’t doing so well.  But we looked and there was still some corn on it that the boys found so it must have been OK.  After that we checked some orange plants that are called pumpkins.  I patted them, they made a pretty good noise. Oliver checked to see if they were strong enough to be chairs, they were.  It was a dirty job, but we are good plant inspectors, so we got it done.


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