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I went with mom and dad to Farmington.  That’s where Grandma Kim and Grandpa Rick live.  I like them because they give me sweet crackers whenever I ask for them.  If you don’t know what a cracker is, it’s anything that goes in your mouth.  Like stuff out of a cup or off a plate.  Those are all ‘cracker’.  Grandma Kim always gives me the best crackers with lots of sugar.  She lets me play with her toys too. She says the toys are for Fozzie, her dog, but he is good at sharing.  I played with her butter churn and looked out all her windows, then I helped Grandpa Rick deliver crackers to all the neighbors. Dad taught me how to play cards and I learned some other new games like going down stairs. I can’t wait to go back, Grandma and Grandpa are so fun!
IMG_8594 IMG_8591

IMG_8702 IMG_8673 IMG_8668 IMG_8628 IMG_8617 IMG_8597

IMG_8708 IMG_8707 IMG_8706 IMG_8705


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  1. Sort-of-Aunt Sarah

    Your vacation looks so fun! I didn’t get to look out nearly enough windows on my vacation.

  2. Sylvie, you are so lucky and it’s great you know how to have FUN!!

  3. Sylvie, you are so lucky to have such fun grandparents and parents! It looks like you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I especially like your “Dora the Explorer” socks.

  4. Love the pictures. G’Gma Roma

  5. Sylvia! You are good at going up and downstairs. And Uncle Jason said you were really good at finding the good crackers that he made, even after your mama put them away. He also said you were good at playing with his phone because it’s a little more uh-oh resistant.

    • Feel free to send more good crackers any time! Aunt Erin’s sparkle phone is still one of the best, but there’s no phone discrimination, all will get played with.

  6. Excellent pictures. Looks lik y`all had a great time.


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