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Why Computers Exist

Guys, I figured out what the computers do!  They play cat videos! Mom’s phone does it too, I think that is why everyone stares at computers and phones all the time. They are watching the kitties.  I just hand mom her phone and say “kitty” and she lets me watch them walk all around the screen, and I try to talk to them and say “meow” so they know I hear them.  Sometimes Dad hides his computer up on his bed, but I know he’s watching kitties.  He can’t hide them from me.


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  1. She does need a real kitty! I’ll tell Aunt Luella to exchange the pony.

  2. Ahh, but the computer kitty is easier to take care of. Hugs from Maw Maw T and Grandpa Brian.

  3. Maybe she will get a giga pet for her birthday. Do those still exist?


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