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I think I told you before that my favorite food is crackers.  Graham crackers are still my favorite food, but I’ve been trying some other kinds of crackers lately.  Mom was eating some blue corn chips and salsa and I made her give me a taste.  I liked the salsa part, but not the chip part.  I saw Corey eating some stringy looking stuff called sauerkraut, he let me have some.  It was soo tasty, I hope mom makes sauerkraut for dinner soon.  I think sometimes mom leaves the best food for me, because she wasn’t eating the onions out of her pot pie, so I came over and finished them all up for her.  It was nice of her to give me the tastiest part.  Mom says her favorite kind of food is free.  I think my favorite kind of food is crackers and whatever I see on someone else’s plate.  I always try to taste what is on Max or Oliver’s plates and it tastes better than anything Hannah puts on my tray.


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