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Daily Archives: February 21, 2013

Accidental Angel

Today it snowed, but we didn’t get a snow day. We did get to go out and play in the snow though. I think the snow is alright, but what I really like is shoveling. Back before I was born, mom said I couldn’t have stuffed animals, only shovels as toys. So I got a few toy shovels. My favorite one is as tall as me and I walk around shoveling things with it at home. Corey also lets me use his shovel to help get the snow off the driveway. So I was pretty sure Hannah needed my help since I probably have more shoveling experience than she does. Somewhere along the way, the snow, or maybe it was my boots, tripped me and I fell backwards straight into the snow. Hannah tried to get me to flap my arms, but I did NOT want to lay there in the cold snow any longer than I had to. She said I made an accidental snow angel and mom laughed and laughed when she heard. Why do grown ups laugh at things that aren’t funny?