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Monthly Archives: March 2013

What the Animals Say

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Sometimes when people ask me questions I decide to play along and answer them all.  Usually I just say no, but today I was in the mood to answer questions.

Cat Calling

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Last weekend I went with mom to New Mexico for a girls weekend.  I will tell you all about that some other time.  For now I just wanted to let you know that I think kitties are the best, and their beds are nice and soft.  Sometimes I lay in the kitty beds and wait to see if they will come join me.  While I’m waiting I sing myself a song. Hannah says it sounds like ‘gurgle gurgle hmm hmm’ but she doesn’t understand that it’s my special kitty calling song.



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My dad is a scientist.  That means he asks a lot of questions and looks at his computer for things that are not kitties.  It also means that I get to be experimented on. That’s what we did this weekend.  I played in the morning then dad helped me put my shoes on so we could go.
I had to listen to the scientist lady when she asked me all kinds of questions.  She wanted me to show her the doggies, but I didn’t want to.  I was afraid if I showed her where they were she might take them away.  I had fun matching things though.  I could pick out all the matching handles and white things and then we threw the ball and kicked it too.  I think maybe when I grow up I’ll be an experimentee.  That’s someone who gets experimented on all the time.




The World Outside

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It has been nice outside, so mom lets me go for walks.  Today it’s snowing, but mom was too busy making snowmen to take pictures.  So I’ll tell you about what I find in my yard when the snow is almost melted.  I find leaves and rocks and concrete and flowers and pinwheels.  My favorite thing to do is touch them and pick them up and inspect them very carefully. Things even feel different if you move while you touch it.  I think it’s fun to pick up everything, except snow. That  is too cold to pick up and it hurts my hand.

IMG_9435 IMG_9439 IMG_9440 IMG_9441 IMG_9445 IMG_9449 IMG_9451 IMG_9454 IMG_9458 IMG_9463 IMG_9465 IMG_9471 IMG_9478