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My dad is a scientist.  That means he asks a lot of questions and looks at his computer for things that are not kitties.  It also means that I get to be experimented on. That’s what we did this weekend.  I played in the morning then dad helped me put my shoes on so we could go.
I had to listen to the scientist lady when she asked me all kinds of questions.  She wanted me to show her the doggies, but I didn’t want to.  I was afraid if I showed her where they were she might take them away.  I had fun matching things though.  I could pick out all the matching handles and white things and then we threw the ball and kicked it too.  I think maybe when I grow up I’ll be an experimentee.  That’s someone who gets experimented on all the time.




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  1. My Daddy is a scientician too! He likes talking about experimenter things just like your daddy. I would do experiments like you, but I wouldn’t let anyone take away my doggies because that would make me sad.

    • Wow, we have so much in common! The other good thing about being in experiments is they give you things. I got paid money and books! I got to put the money in my piggy bank.

  2. Yep, Slyvie, we science types – I teach science to kids a little bit older than you – middle school (just you wait!!!) – can’t help it! The world is a marvelous place and we are always checking things out!! I’m glad you can help out!


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