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I told you I visited my Aunt Luella and Uncle Diego, and Grandma Kim and Grandpa Rick, and Aunt Lauren and Aunt Erin in Albuquerque. That’s how you spell it, but it’s pronounced Al-boo-ker-key.  Mom took me on the airplane to go see them.  It was a really really long airplane ride, because first we all got on the plane.  Then they said the plane was broken, but we still had to sit there.  Then we started to go, but they said the plane was still broken, so we sat there some more.  Finally, we got up in the air and went all the way to New Mexico, but when we got there I didn’t see anyone I recognized.  I think maybe Grandma forgot I was coming.  We got to go see where Uncle Diego goes to school and surprise him, he does a pretty good job telling those kids what to do.  I also got to see Aunt Luella’s kitty and show her that I know how to say my middle name, which is her first name, “Luella.”

We did some boring things like shopping, but we also did some exciting things, like going to see the fish.  Grandpa showed me the fish that were up high, Aunt Erin showed me how to be a fish and Aunt Lauren showed me the fish that were down low.  After that we went outside in the garden, but it was so windy, I didn’t really like it.  So I screamed at Aunt Lauren and Uncle Diego.  Mom always says to use my words instead of screaming, but I think she understands screaming just fine.  The flowers were pretty though.













Bigger than a Breadbox

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I hid Dad’s phone yesterday.  I thought maybe if he couldn’t find it in the covers on the bed, I wouldn’t have to go to the doctor.  They usually stick me with needles and poke me.  This time there weren’t any pokes though! I just got to have fun looking at the fish in the tank.  I kept hearing something that sounded like kitties outside the room where we waited, but when I opened the door to look, I didn’t see kitties, just other kids who were sad.  The doctor said I weigh 19 pounds now, which means I am heavier than a kitty. Just to prove it, when I found a kitty in a bag at Hannah’s house I gave the kitty a ride around the kitchen.