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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Just Saying

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These days I say all kinds of things. like “Thanks Mom” or “Thanks Dad” really thanks to whoever gives me good things like crackers. I also think you don’t need to know as many words as people try to make you say. When I say Dah-y mom knows I can mean Daddy or Doggy or Toy. There’s lots of words that can all switch out. Bike = Bite. Cheek = Teeth See = Tree = Please. Mom gets it most of the time. If not I just say it louder. I sometimes get confused about what mom is saying too. So it’s all fair.

Here’s a video of me showing mom all my body parts.


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Mom has a new phone and it makes links to videos. We are testing it.Click the link below to check it out.


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Mom and Hannah went to the zoo at the same time I went to the Zoo with Sarah and Scott and Oliver and Max.  I didn’t get to see them too much though, they were playing with camera stuff and it was pretty boring.  I had more fun feeding the birds and seeing the kitties and playing in the caves with Oliver and Max and Sarah.

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Spring Snow

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I have been playing with mom a bunch because she is changing from one job to another.  She gets to stay and play with me and we have so much fun, we forget to tell everyone about it.  So I will tell you some of my adventures in a very out of order way.  In April it was my half birthday and it also snowed a lot.  I tried wearing a hat and stepping on the snow.  I liked it until I slipped and fell down.  Next time I will be sure to wear my snow boots. I wonder how many times it will snow in May.

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Good Looks

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Today I asked mom if I could try being a hipster. She said yes, so I put on this hat. I’m not sure what a hipster is, but I know a lot of them live in Boulder where dad goes every day, and that it’s a cool thing to be. I would like to go with dad every day and be cool.