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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Burrito Bandito

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We played a game with Max and Oliver with a trap master and his cocoon traps. I told them I was “stuck” but I don’t think they believed nee because I was giggling too much.

A Little Song

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I like to sing songs with Dad and Mom.  I can sing Twinkle Twinkle, A Moose song and Itsy Bitsy Spider.  See

Happy 4th!

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The 4th of July is nice because it is the country’s birthday and it is Aunt Luella’s birthday.  Since my middle name is Luella and I live in this country, that makes it kind of my birthday too. So today daddy took me on a wagon ride and all the neighbors gave me flags and I got to see all kinds of people out having fun.  Happy birthday Auntie Lu and America!

syl-4th sylv-flag


Listen up Dogs

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Sometimes I think mom forgets about me and tries to lock me out of the house with the dogs even though I tell her not to.  Then the doggies bark to get in and try to lick the door and it is so loud.  I have to tell the doggies to be good and quiet.  I know how to tell the doggies all kinds of things. They will run and get a ball if I throw it, then they spit it out when I say “out”.  I like to tell the doggies what to do, they listen better than mom.











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I like to go outside, but you have to be careful because sometimes the doggies don’t watch where they’re going and they can make you fall.  If you get up real quick though, it doesn’t hurt too bad, and if you can get a kiss where it hurts, it makes it all better.  Sometimes when mom has an ouch on her toe I will get all the way down on my belly to kiss it and make it better.  I also help her by pointing out things in the grass.  I know Corey takes good care of the grass so it is nice and green.  I help by blowing the dandelion seeds all the way out of the yard.

IMG_1092 IMG_1096 IMG_1098

A Good Birthday Story

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Sarah’s birthday was almost a month ago, but she had a very good one.   A whole bunch of people came.  Her mom and dad and sisters and her sister’s guy came on the airplane. I really like airplanes and I always point them out to mom when they fly over. It’s like she doesn’t even notice.  Sarah didn’t even know they all came just for her because she turned 30, that’s really really old like mom.

Then there was cake and mom let me eat it! I think everyone else was really excited about the cake too because Corey got on his knees and Sarah was soo happy she hugged Corey and then Sarah’s sister Melissa hugged her own guy, Seth, then everyone started getting really loud and they clapped.  Usually clapping is for me, but I think this time it was for cake.  I’m so glad Sarah had a good birthday. After everyone was done being excited, I just asked politely for “more” because the cake was really good.





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