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A Good Birthday Story

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Sarah’s birthday was almost a month ago, but she had a very good one.   A whole bunch of people came.  Her mom and dad and sisters and her sister’s guy came on the airplane. I really like airplanes and I always point them out to mom when they fly over. It’s like she doesn’t even notice.  Sarah didn’t even know they all came just for her because she turned 30, that’s really really old like mom.

Then there was cake and mom let me eat it! I think everyone else was really excited about the cake too because Corey got on his knees and Sarah was soo happy she hugged Corey and then Sarah’s sister Melissa hugged her own guy, Seth, then everyone started getting really loud and they clapped.  Usually clapping is for me, but I think this time it was for cake.  I’m so glad Sarah had a good birthday. After everyone was done being excited, I just asked politely for “more” because the cake was really good.





IMG_0910 IMG_0915

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  1. Sort-of-Aunt-Sarah

    Good thing you’ve already had some flower girl practice, Sylvie. This time you’re gonna have to walk down the aisle though–no wagon ride!

  2. No ring shots?? What are this?


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