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Happy 4th!

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The 4th of July is nice because it is the country’s birthday and it is Aunt Luella’s birthday.  Since my middle name is Luella and I live in this country, that makes it kind of my birthday too. So today daddy took me on a wagon ride and all the neighbors gave me flags and I got to see all kinds of people out having fun.  Happy birthday Auntie Lu and America!

syl-4th sylv-flag


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  1. Sort-of-Aunt-Sarah

    You were really good at the popper thingies. Next year maybe you can try a sparkler.

  2. Auntie Lauren

    Especially if you have a big sister who tells you, that you have to keep the sparkler moving or it will go out!!

  3. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. Hope that you had a wonderful day and were able to enjoy some fireworks. Maybe next year Uncle Diego or Auntie Lauren can help you with some fireworks, they are quite the experts, especially on which ones are safe for little girls. Love you! Auntie Lu

  4. I love your patriotic outfit Sylvie! I would keep hounding mom for those sparklers he he. Sort-of-aunt Sarah has the right idea. 🙂


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