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Daily Archives: August 3, 2013

Pictures After All

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Mama was so excited last week because we were going to take pictures.  Then it rained all day long, so we didn’t get to take any pictures. I was happy though, because dad came back from Chicago. I wish he would have taken me with him, because he went to a wedding and I like weddings.  You get to dance and see all the people.  Mama was excited this weekend because we were going to take pictures. She got all pretty and dressed up and made me take an extra-long nap.  But then it started getting gloomy out, so pictures were cancelled again!  I didn’t want mama to be sad, so I told her to do what I do when I get sad during the day. Call for Hannah.  I might have said to try playing with Sarah or Corey, but they are both gone at other things like weddings without me.  So Mama called Hannah and Hannah took pictures of us all dressed up.  Max and Oliver did a good job of making faces for me.  Thanks Hannah! Your pictures are almost as good as the crackers you give me.